Detailed Starter Guide

Since I’m not a jekyll expert I, hopefully this guide will help others install and set up minimal-mistakes. For the original quickstart guide, see the quick-start guide


  1. Fork minimal-mistakes
  2. Rename the repository to the desired name
  3. Remove unnecessary files
  4. Modify the Gemfile
  5. Look in your _config.yml file and start adding your personal/website information
  6. Add tabs to your website by modifying _data/navigation.yml
  7. Download Academicons
    1. Unpack
    2. Move academicons.min.css to assets/css/
    3. Move academicons-X.X.X/fonts to assets/css/
    4. See the How do I use it? section of Academicons for more details
    5. For details about how to reference specific files see academicons.css